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• 11/27/2017

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• 2/1/2016

Stronghold 2 Crashes

Stronghold 2 crashes when i try to click on multiplayer do i need the deluxe edition?
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• 12/14/2015


what are the engineers use in sh3??
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• 6/14/2015


انا اريد مشاركة لعب online في لعبة stronghold
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• 11/28/2014

Character Box Template.

How do put info on it. Whenever I do it, It doesn't work, even if I Copy everything from a another page.
Can only admins do it?
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• 11/18/2014

What's the hardest AI battle you ever had in Stronghold Crusader? (No Trail Mission)

The Hardest I had was against 5 Wolfs on "Close Encounters"
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• 8/17/2014

Featured article

I am about to discuss the need of the Featured Article on the main page.
Personally, I don't find it necessary. The wiki gets special pages very rarely and highlighting a page does not really seem to be that attractive. New content is always added, of course, but they are rather for polishing purposes since most information about games (with the exception of SH3) has already been added throughout the years. Featuring can also be done with the help of a slider or a picture on the very top of the main page, if the need arises.
What do you think of it?
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• 6/8/2014

Page Structure and Background Image.

Hi, I'm new to wikia and have been looking to contribute. I've only previously modified the Rise of Nations: Wonders List page (before signing up). Anyways, I was going to look over the pages to see if anything needed added but honestly I can't navigate or even read the pages (without highlighting the text). Also, in regards to page structure, I was curious why all Strongholds have the same content pages? This decreases the more factual information you may place in the page without clutter. For example, The Apple farm page, I just edited it not knowing it wasn't only the Stronghold 3 apple orchard. I didn't ruin any information but I fixed a broken image with a picture and icon of the Stronghold 3 Apple Orchard. I was going to add more information (resource cost for example) but I'm sure this changes from Stronghold to Stronghold and didn't want to add the information for only Stronghold 3 and then also have to specify that it was for Stronghold 3.
I was thinking the main page ("/Main_Page") could have a link over the picture (if wikia allows that sort of formatting) for quick access to that Stronghold game's main page (i.e. "/Stronghold_3").
Secondly, as stated above, could the center-body background be a solid color so people can actually read the text on the screen? I'm sure some can, and I'm sure others like me have found that they can read if they highlight the text, but should that really be necessary? Generally I come to Wikia for quick information that is laid out in an intuitive manner.
I'd be willing to do this myself (if possible), but I'm new to wikia and was curious if anyone agreed with my thoughts/concerns.
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• 5/15/2014

Stronghold Wiki Steam group

Hey all, I'm planning to create a Stronghold Wiki Steam group. Just need community consent and help on one decision: do I make the group ID StrongholdWiki or StrongholdWikiEN (the latter being dedicated to the English version of the Wiki). I think we're small enough to have a group for all language wikis, and "wiki" isn't the same in every language anyway.
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• 4/2/2014

Splitting up articles

Hi all,
Elfansoer had come up with the idea that we should create separate articles for different versions. For instance, the archer could have one for Stronghold, Crusader, SH2, SHL and SH3 (and eventually for SHC2, when it comes out), as a first plan.
Any opinions and/or ideas about it? :)
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• 3/16/2014


how to use it
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• 3/8/2014


I propose we add information about the maps in each game. Obviously this excludes community maps, and is limited to only the stock maps.

I'm not sure if all the maps of each game should be listed under one page, or if each map should have its own page.If we were to do the latter, we could write about the features of the map, the missions the map has appeared in, and historical significance (if any). Thoughts?
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• 3/7/2014

Stronghold 2 Multiplayer

Hi, i was just wondering wether i needed 2 seperate stronghold 2 disks to play multiplayer or wether one person can host and the other can join via the internet. how does it work? can someone help me out x i only have one game and i would love to play multiplayer with a friend
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• 2/9/2014


vrea cineva sa se joace cu mn?
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• 12/12/2013

Winter style for wiki

The winter has come, and maybe it's time to make winter decoration for this wiki? For example, it will be good to change the background, make special winter post on the main page, or even activate moving snow on the background with the help of .js-code. An example of winter decoration you can find on the Russian Stronghold wiki, and you can use some elements from there.
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• 11/14/2013

Multiplayer gamespeed.

Hello, I was just wondering if it's possible to change game speed (up to 90) in Multiplayer. I went a deathmatch and it took abaut 2 hours. Answers are much appriciated.
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• 10/18/2013

Check out the first HD Crusader 2 video!

A long-time Stronghold fan, Lord Seraxia, uploaded a footage on Crusader 2's multiplayer game. This is the first real video that introduces us the new interface, gameplay and many other things. Spare 20 minutes to find out what is going on in this new game!
Disclaimer: in-game contents are subject to change and are not sure to be included in the game's release.

23:26 Stronghold Crusader 2- Interview Pre-Alpha Footage!
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• 10/12/2013

i think i found a bug in stronghold 2

i was playing with my friend the other day, everything was going well, when i got my third estate i tried to place some stone quarries, but the guy just said "cant place that there my lord" while i was trying to place it ontop of some stone. anyone else experienced the same?
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• 10/6/2013

how to punish someone

how to punish someone
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• 10/5/2013

2013 October - What we are doing on the wiki

Hi all,
Here is a summary of recent 'projects' that are in progress on the wiki. I also list some own ideas for the site. Feel free to review them or add any points below.
Currently worked on:
- Legends units, characters and buildings pages' refurbishment+information upload
- Mopping up page stubs and adding links/references
- Updating SHC2 page with fresh information
- Main page's transformation: welcome text, slider changes
- Navigation system between: missions, characters, units, buildings
- An abstract picture in lieu the dark grey background
- Anything that is suggested by you :)
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