Ale production Edit

Firstly, hops farms need to be build (found in 'farm buildings'), so that hops can be harvested. Peasants are able to harvest quite a lot of hops, therefore it is often sufficient to build one or two hops farms. Hops are later processed in breweries into ale, which can finally reach inns. Both breweries and inns can be found in 'Food Processing Buildings'.

Working inns Edit

A working inn is one with a supply of ale and an innkeeper. The innkeeper will collect ale from the stockpile and deliver it to the inn automatically. Once ale is available at an inn, your people will start to drink it. To check to see if an inn is working, select it and look at it's panel.

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This panel shows how many barrels and of ale the inn has in stock. It also shows the number of working inns (ones with ale) you have and the percentage of your people that are supplied by them. As this percentage grows, the popularity boost you gain, rises too.

As your population rises, however, this percentage will fall, requiring you to build more inns. The benefit of providing ale is the same regardless of the location, where you decide to build your inns. But, inns further away from the stockpile will take longer to get re-supplied by the innkeeper.

Popularity bonus Edit

Ale coverage Popularity bonus
25% +2
50% +4
75% +6
100% +8
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