The treasury has become empty. I must find a solution.
— Alfred the Great, when being attacked

Alfred the Great is a campaign-exclusive character in Stronghold Legends.


Alfred the Great was an English (Saxon) ruler in the 9th century. He is less known outside Britain, but he had a great role in guarding the country. He liked poetry, but soon emerged as a ruler, when his two brothers agreed him to be the King. Alfred had to show his military skills against the invading Danish and Viking armies, who threatened Britain across the sea. Alfred was the one to form a loyal militia, which was mandatory for every citizen to enter, unless they paid a large fine.

Skirmish characterEdit

Alfred is a reserved and fairly defensive player of the Good faction. He is a very balanced player with a modest economy, who sends out small raids, while building up his defences.

Castles and StrategiesEdit


Alfred is quite passive compared to the other lords. He needs much time to assemble his forces and take them into battle. He uses the same units as Lancelot: men-at-arms, archers and swordsmen.

Alfred takes all these units when sieging. His army is the smallest among the AI lords, constructing only a few catapults at the siege camp. He also uses few laddermen to attempt to scale the walls, but his army is weak nonetheless against a proper defense. His only durable units are his swordsmen, who move very slowly and tend to miss the battle very often.

Harassments from Alfred are somewhat frequent, containing a few archers or men-at-arms.


Alfred has a rectangular castle with a small defense. He has single-layered walls covered with a single moat line, periodically with oil tippers on them. Two lookout towers are placed next to the keep and a single gatehouse provides access to the outside world. Alfred uses neither traps nor defense engines in his defense.

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