Action Quote Sound
Prepares for siege My captains will soon commence their siege. You may wish to do likewise!
Al siege 01
Sends army 1 Send out our men, we'll make camp near the enemy castle!
Al taunt 01
Sends army 2 Send forth our army!
Al taunt 02
Launches attack 1 Start the siege!
Al taunt 03
Launches attack 2 Begin the attack.
Al taunt 04
Player's buildings are destroyed Good! Attack their buildings, they will suffer without them.
Al vict 02
Close to victory Death comes to us all, my lord.
Al vict 03
Defeats player This land will soon be united again.
Al vict 04
Player deflects attack Retreat, this battle is lost!
Al anger 01
Player destroys buildings

The enemy is without!

Al anger 02
Panicking The host before us is mighty, but with courage and a little luck, we can prevail.
Al nervous 01
Defeated My time... is at an end.
Al plead 01
Requires help We are pressed hard, will you come to our aid?
Al help 01
Predicts defeat The storehouses are bare, our treasury is emptying... I need to find a solution.
Al nervous 02
Kills common enemy I have struck another blow for our cause.
Al boast 01
Player kills common enemy Well done my Lord, our cause is greatly strengthened.
Al congrats 01
Falls as ally You must fight on and win... without me.
Al ally death 01
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