Apple Farm
General Information
Available in Stronghold
Stronghold Crusader
Usage Food production
Cost 5 wood
SHC Apple Worker

SHC Apple Worker

The orchard is a large yard with apple trees. It must be placed on fertile land like every other farm. Unlike the wheat farm and hops farm, the apple farms have their trees placed at the time of building and they are not required to rebuilt every so often. Instead, trees periodically yield apples, which can be collected by the farmer. Farmers may also visit neighbouring orchards for collecting apples, in case their farm has no ripe apples at the moment.

Apples are a commonly favored food by players, because the apple orchard costs a low amount of wood and it has a high productivity rate (produces apples quickly). Tactically apples are most suited at the beginning of the game when the player cannot afford wheat farms, mills and bakeries at once and absolutely need food. They can also serve as a primary source of income early-game. Apple farms tend to work very well with the pause retire glitch as many workers can get the quick food from the same sources quickly.

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