These units are similar to their European counterparts and are relatively cheap to hire.
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The Arabian bowman is a light ranged unit in Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold Crusader 2.


Arabian archers are mercenaries, serving as an alternative to the European archer. Equipped with a shortbow and no armour, they are fast to deploy and shoot arrows at a high rate of fire, at the cost of fragility.

The Arabian bowman fires flaming arrows when positioned near a brazier, allowing him to ignite pitch ditches.

The Arabian bowman is trained at the mercenary post.



Arabian bowmen share the same role as archers, having similar attributes. They are best used defensively, igniting pitch ditches from afar or providing needed firepower to soften up enemy attackers. They can easily reinforce positions with their high movement speed and kill off weaker units.

The hiring of Arabian bowmen is favourable when the player does not incorporate archers in his forces in large numbers. Since they do not require any weapons to train, they are readily available for gold, however large sums might be required for a heftier number of them.


Arabian archers have the same weaknesses as archers. While slightly more durable, they still fall short to crossbowmen, as well as sharp blades in melee combat. They also cannot penetrate armour just as reliably and require considerable support in terms of numbers, or from other troops.



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