The archer is a very fast unit and has very high fire rate and range, as well as cheap to deploy. A group of archers is useful for defense, as not only it is effective to repel swarms of unarmored units, but the archer can also fill in the moat. Archers can also climb ladders, however they are way too fragile against castle garrisons.

Compared to the crossbowman, the archer sees a little bit more utility due to his superior range, which is boosted even more when put in an elevated position. Although his fire rate is comparably worse, he can outrun the crossbowman and kite infinitely until his enemies are killed. The horse archer on the other hand, easily bests the archer with its superior health, mobility and firing speed, as he can also shoot while moving.

Archers require a free peasant from the campfire, 1 bow with a sum of 12 gold and 2 honor to recruit.


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