King Arthur
King Arthur
Personal Information
Real Name Arthur
Nicknames None
Appears on Stronghold Legends
Physical Information
Gender Male
Strategical Information
Difficulty Medium
Melee Troops Pikemen

Sir Percival
Sir Gawain
Sir Galahad
Sir Bedivere

Ranged Troops Archers


Siege Engines Catapults

Battering rams
Siege towers

King Arthur is a character and AI opponent appearing in Stronghold Legends.


"Sworn to return and protect his people in times of need, Arthur is a noble king and a brave warrior. He relies heavily on his 'Knights of the Round Table and his loyal advisor and friend, the wizard Merlin."


Arthur is one of the most famous legendary heroes in history. He is the protagonist of an ancient medieval British mythology, acting as the defender and the King of Britain. He had various campaigns against the invading Saxons, he pulled the Excalibur sword out of a mighty stone, which could slice through iron and steel, he found the Holy Grail and fought a deadly battle against the traitor Mordred.

Arthur was a fair and confident ruler of Britain, He summoned his finest knights to the Round Table, who assisted and accompanied him to his journeys. Arthur's family was also notable for their popularity and the fact that most male relatives became members of the Round Table. His wife was Guinevere, who had affairs with Lancelot.

Castles and strategiesEdit

Arthur's castle much resembles the design of Richard The Lionheart from Crusader. He builds a square-shaped castle with an engine tower in each corner, hosting either a mangonel or a dragon harpoon. They are swarming with archers and several pikemen guard the gatehouses and the barracks. Several rolling logs defend certain wall sections. Arthur needs a lot of time mainly due to the costly troops he uses. He will not attack until he got a stable economy and a constant cash flow to fuel his military. Arthur generally packs a punch in his attack force when formed.

Arthur brings mostly barracks units to the battlefield: archers, pikemen and swordsmen. He also creates a number of siege equipment to commence the siege. Numerous catapults, a ram and a siege tower will attempt to create a path into the keep, while some cats will try to protect them.

However, the true force of Arthur lies in his knights of the Round Table. He brings Gawain, Galahad, Bedivere and Percival to wreak havoc. Each knight has the ability to quickly turn the tides by creating a breach and removing many units, not to mention the agility of the mounted warriors and the durability with the damage they can deal. An unprepared defense will quickly be decimated by Arthur's knights.

Arthur harasses infrequently with small groups. He usually sends a handful of archers, pikemen or swordsmen, but he often summons Merlin alone, packing a huge punch and using Dragon's Breath to decimate scores of units. Very rarely, he raids with a green dragon, which is summoned periodically and flies to the enemy defenders to bully them. The dragon usually cannot deal enough damage because it is killed very quickly by missile units or dragon harpoons.

Usable skillsEdit

Holy Blast
S blast
Duration Instant (5 seconds cast)
Effect Creates an area blast, making any hostile units caught in the explosion to fly.
Note Used by Percival. Percival cannot move while the spell is being cast.
Heavenly Shield
S shield
Duration 30 seconds
Effect Creates a transparent shield above an area, absorbing incoming projectiles.
Note Used by Gawain. Gawain cannot move while the spell is active. Ineffective against melee attacks.
Horn of Camelot
S horn
Duration 3 seconds (5 seconds to cast)
Effect Brings down wall segments in a selected area. Affected units on the walls remain unharmed.
Note Used by Bedivere. Bedivere cannot move while the spell is being cast.
Summon knights
S knight
Duration 30 seconds (5 seconds cast)
Effect Summons 4 mounted knights in the selected area, serving as temporary bodyguards for the Lord.
Note Knights appear mounted if they are on the ground.
Dragon's Breath
S breath
Duration Instant (5 seconds cast)
Effect Illuminates the selected area, then causes a terrible explosion there.
Note Used by Merlin. Merlin cannot move while the spell is being cast.
Lady of Light
S light
Duration 10 seconds (5 seconds cast)
Effect Summons a heavenly angel, who heals units in a selected area.
Note Used by Galahad. Galahad cannot move while the spell is active.
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