Here are the quotes of Arthur.

Action Quote Sound
Prepares for siege Today, I march on our enemies, my Lord!
Ar siege 01
Sends army 1 Let the bells ring out: this day we march to war!
Ar taunt 01
Sends army 2 Knights of Arthur, we march to battle! 
Ar taunt 02
Launches attack 1 Let the siege commence!
Ar taunt 03
Launches attack 2 Let the siege commence.
Ar taunt 04
Summons Merlin Ah Merlin, my friend, it's good to see you!
Ar extra 01
Player's buildings are destroyed Destroy the traitor's buildings!
Ar vict 02
Close to victory And so the traitor falls!
Ar vict 03
Defeats player Another traitor meets their end.
Ar vict 04
Player deflects attack Knights, retreat! This battle is lost.
Ar anger 01
Player destroys buildings

You may destroy our buildings, but Camelot will live on!

Ar anger 02
Panicking The enemy are at Camelot's gates!
Ar nervous 01
Defeated And so I go... to sleep the endless... sleep.
Ar plead 01
Requires help Camelot needs your help, my Lord!
Ar help 01
Predicts defeat Where are my true knights now, in this high time of need?
Ar nervous 02
Kills common enemy Another of our enemies is vanquished!
Ar boast 01
Player kills common enemy You fight well, my Lord!
Ar congrats 01
Falls as ally Take Excalibur to the lake, my friend, my time on this earth is over.
Ar ally death 01
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