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Assassins are typically hired killers, who are paid a bounty for killing a particular target by a wealthy person. They can also act independently, whose intentions can be for a greater cause or to fulfill a personal revenge.

Their roots date back to medieval Persia in the 11th century, to an order founded by Hassan-i Sabbah. Hassan was the first Grandmaster of the Order, who commanded his men to commit political acts, such as killings, to complete vengeance on enemies. The Order's members called themselves Hasishis and their center of operations was founded in the fortress of Alamut, where they laid the foundation of their doctrines and their secret society.


Hassan-i Sabbah

The Assassins were strict followers of their own rules, living in mysterious circumstances. For certain, they were deeply analyzing and familiarizing themselves with their wanted targets before strike. Their methods made use of the elements of cunning, surprise and sudden initiation, attacking from the shadows. They primarily committed their killings in broad daylight, grabbing attention wherever they laid hand on their victims. For the purpose, they primarily used daggers and shivs tipped in poison.

With their activities, the Assassins quickly gained political influence and renown. Their motives were primarily to bring political justice, but during the Crusades they fought Muslims and Crusaders alike. Their extensive success against Crusader leaders made them a feared and respected faction. What is more, even Saladin himself signed a treaty with the Order to prevent his own murder.

The Order's demise arrived with the raiding Mongols in the 13th century.

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