The assassin is a special utility unit recruited at the mercenary post in Stronghold 2.


Assassins are mysterious foot soldiers equipped with a saber and a grapple. They are the most expensive unit to recruit in terms of gold and honour, even surpassing the knight. While this fact prevents hiring them en mass, the assassin can actually perform very well on its own due to his traits. His innate invisibility makes him the ultimate covert unit, which only breaks when the assassin engages in direct combat or a unit moves close. He can also use a grappling hook to quickly scale gatehouses and walls. Not to mention his extreme movement speed and very low detection range, the assassin finds its place in the army.


Assassins have the dedicated task of the stealth attacker unit. Their traits make them ideal for harassment far from the castle, where their actions are most likely to go unpunished. The ability to quickly strike, then retreat back to the shadows makes them almost invincible. Another utilization of the assassin is to infiltrate enemy compounds in a poorly guarded area, by using the grapple to scale walls and then land inside, destroying as many buildings as possible.

While assassins have the power of surprise, they themselves are not particularly durable. Laying man traps are very effective at killing or at least deterring them from unwanted areas.


For the assassin's quotes, see: Quotes:Assassin.


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