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The auxiliary archer is a ranged unit in the upcoming Stronghold Warlords game.


Auxiliary archers are a staple ranged unit that fires arrows from a distance. Able to man towers and walls with ease, the archer can also lay down concentrated fire with a volley attack.


Auxiliary archers are the Warlords incarnation of the Stronghold games, with a Chinese military outfit. They retain their versatility and are relatively easy to recruit. As they are most suitable to take down lightly armored and unarmored adversaries, they are fit for either harassment or defense purposes. They get a nice range advantage on higher elevation, and their ability to set off traps at key moments makes them one of the most useful troops around.

While archers boost great firepower, they tend to struggle against armor. Either use a critical mass contingent of them to match the enemy's strength, or gather additional protection with the help of some melee units and imperial crossbowmen.

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