The Axe Thrower is a mercenary unit in Stronghold 2.


While the Axe Thrower has little health and is particularly weak against armored units and missile attacks, their fast attack speed and high attack allow them to easily rip through hordes of unarmored and lightly armored foes. Care should be used when deploying them, as their range is shorter than that of both Archers and Crossbowmen, requiring them to be quite close to the enemy to be effective.

Tactics Edit

Axe Throwers have the shortest range of any missile unit in SH2, but they have a high rate of fire and deal massive amounts of damage. Placing them atop of towers increases their range while protecting them from attacking siege equipment. From this position, a group of Axe Throwers can potentially eliminate an entire enemy's invading force.

In large numbers (around 20 or higher), Axe Throwers can easily decimate a group of armored units, even if those units are mounted knights. Their very fast attack speed and damage output can severely wound or kill any unit that runs into their path, as one Axe Thrower only needs to throw two pairs of axes to kill an enemy Archer. Like all ranged units, the Axe Thrower's melee damage is low and should avoid being put on Aggressive Mode as they usually tend to try and melee their targets. 

They do not make a good choice for invading, however, as their short range likely means they will be destroyed before they can begin to throw axes. They can serve as support units behind the battle line while friendly units hold up the advancing infantry. When defending with Axe Throwers, they should be placed in choke points and inside towers/keeps to make their damage output most effective. 


For the quotes of the axe thrower, see: Quotes:Axe Thrower.


  • Although Axe Throwers have very short range, he has two attacking methods depending on the target's range. They throw single axes rapidly when their target is between half-range and effective range, while they alternate between single and double axes when the enemy is nearer than half-range.
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