Here are the quotes of the axe thrower.

Quotes in Stronghold 2

Action Quote Sound


Oh yeah?


Axes ready.

I live to throw axes!

Want a demonstration?

All right.



Odin's bane.

You know my ma: she's from Norway.

I'm of Norwegian.

You know, I'm Norwegian on the moody side.



Let's go then!

Sure, okay.

Let's go.

Where's the target?

For Odin!

Pick up your axes!

Over there!

Let's go fight!

It's time...

No problem.

Invalid location How is there?
Marching Ah... what a pain in the axe!
Aggressive stance No one's gonna mess with us!
Defensive stance We defend this area.
Stand ground We guard this area.
Patrolling We patrol watch.
Open formation

Stand apart!

Defensive knot Come on lads, get in the grip!
Column formation Axes, form up!
Line formation Axes, spread out!
Filling in moat

We will bourne to the water!

Quickly, let's fill it in!

Into the moat!

Manning rock basket Pick up the rocks!
Manning walls Ah, good frown from there!
Disband Woah, no more axe throwing.
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