This engine is a huge crossbow, which hurls arrows at enemies and buildings. Mounted on the top of a tower, the ballista has a very long range. Arrows from the ballista cause great impact damage to most units and siege engines. They are also capable of setting buildings on fire on low health.

The ballista needs a tower with stable foundation to be placed on. This machine is operated by two engineers, who wind up the string, insert the bolt, then fire. These engineers automatically come upon siting.


Ballistae see an extended usage against lined-up and densely packed units, as their arrows knock back units in the same way as catapulted rocks do. They can knock units into a river or trees, killing units instantly and they are also useful at removing a knight's mount.

Ballistae are quite unreliable to an extent, as they can sometimes lose track on units that get out of range. Retargetting them manually can solve the problem.

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