This engine is a huge crossbow, which hurls arrows at enemies and buildings. Mounted on the top of a tower, the ballista has a very long range. This machine is operated by two engineers, who wind up the string, insert the bolt, then fire. The ballista needs a tower with stable foundation to be placed on. Arrows from the ballista cause great damage to most units and siege engines, with little impact on buildings.

Ballistae can be instructed to attack a specified area or target. They have no aim tracking over their target.


The ballista is primarily used as a general defense measure against troops and siege equipment. Unarmored troops like archers and spearmen instantly die from a single shot. Although armored soldiers take multiple hits, their health is greatly reduced when an arrow hits. The same applies to siege engines.

Surprisingly, ballistae can also be used to destroy buildings. This is a cheap but time-consuming process, as arrows cause very small damage on buildings.

Ballistae see limited effectiveness against moving target, as they aim at their target's original position rather than predicting its future location - stationary targets serve as best targets for them.

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