Horsemen in a barrack's training ground

The barracks is a place where units are trained for the army. Training is a vital and essential part of the effective troop, as they gain combat experience that makes them more versatile, responsive and disciplined in large-scale battles. Recruitment has been a staple of making and improving the army ever since. The barracks is also used to accomodate training soldiers.

Soldiers usually undergo combat training in military camps. Armies have numerous branches based on tactical and strategical principles and utilities. As a result, most soldiers specialize in one task beyond mastering the basics of combat. Most batallions get their own unique equipment that allows them to carry out their missions more reliably and efficiently. Initially going without supervision, the organisation of army units became unitary and a number of principles have established the basis of military. In medieval times, the main military branches became as it follows: infantry, ranged units and cavalry.


A medieval infantry troop

Infantry orientated towards close-ranged combat, outfitted with a variety of swords, polearms and blunt weapons, occasionally carrying thrown weapons (such as axes, javelins and throwing knifes). They could fight most effectively close up, however they were vulnerable to projectiles. As a consequence, they got better personal protection due to their exposure to projectiles.

Ranged soldiers were responsible to neutralize their targets from afar, where they were in the safety of distance. They had weapons that could shoot or send their ammo with huge force to a considerably long distance. Their most common equipment was the bow or the slingshot, however later inventions included the crossbow and various siege engines, like catapults.

Cavalry were horseriders who made use of their stallions' overwhelming speed and closing capabilities. They were among the most expensive troop type, however they were very effective in overwhelming and riding down foot soldiers. Their higher exposure to ranged units required the horse and the rider wear armour if it was possible.

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