The barracks allows the training of all European troops. All units from here must be supplied their equipment from the armoury (either bought or crafted).

The barracks itself is made of sturdy stone, rendering it heavily defended against attacks. It can be destroyed by repeated melee attacks and rocks. When slaves or fire ballistae attack it, it may also catch fire and spread flames if not extinquished over time.

List of unitsEdit

Unit Price Weaponry/armour Description
Archer 12 gold Bow Basic ranged unit, shoots arrows over long distances.


8 gold Spear Basic melee unit, can fill moats and push ladders.
Maceman 20 gold


Leather armour

Assault raiding unit with excellent attack and siege power.
Crossbowman 20 gold


Leather armour

Sturdy ranged unit, shoots armor-penetrating bolts from his crossbow with long reload time.
Pikeman 20 gold


Metal armour

Durable defensive unit, fairly resistant against attacks.
Swordsman 20 gold


Metal armour

Elite fighting unit with great damage output and armor.
Knight 40 gold


Metal armour


Mounted swordsman that utilizes a horse to conduct attacks and destroy buildings.
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