The bat is an evil fantasy unit appearing in Stronghold Legends.


The bat is a flying creature summoned at the Sorcerer's tower. It is black in colour and very huge, thanks to its wings. The bat can quickly take long distances due to their giant wings and it never has to get down to the ground. It attacks by quickly descending and bumping into the ground, creating a huge impact capable of sending dozens of units to fly.


The bat is mainly used for clearing units off walls and towers, opening a hole in the defense for advancing units. They are also great in assisting the main army by striking into the counterattacking enemy's ranks. Its impact can kill unarmored units and severely wound units wearing leather armor. Soldiers flying into the forest, water or buildings instantly disappear and therefore it sees limited usage against armored men as well.

As the bat is flying, it means that no melee units could kill it, even the mighty frost giant. The bat flies fast and maneuvers in the air quite well, therefore ranged units will often miss it.


The bat is very fragile and vulnerable to a greater extent to missile units. Archers and crossbowmen can target it from a higher distance and a few shots usually kill it. Not to mention that dragon harpoons deployed around the perimeter could skewer the bat instantly with their volleys, even if multiple bats are sent in.

Bats are favored by the computer opponent Mordred, attacking fiercely with small squads of them.

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