The battering ram is a destructive siege engine.


Rams are large wooden carts, equipped with a thick shield on the top and a heavy wooden log, which is used to bash structures multiple times, leaving debris behind. Oxen and engineers are used to move the ram into its place.

Battering rams are very durable, but slow. They can bring down most buildings in two hits, although towers and gatehouses with full health take quite a while. Arrows and other projectiles do little damage on them, but hardier melee units will kill them in a very short time.

Stronghold 2 and LegendsEdit

In Stronghold 2, rams are created in the siege camp and require no engineers to be recruited beforehand. However, they see limited usage since they can only target and demolish gatehouses. Still, the ram possesses very high durability and withstands repeated strikes from melee troops and catapults.

In Stronghold Legends, battering rams retain the same behavior as in Stronghold 2. However, they can only be created by the good faction.


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