Beowulf is a character and a campaign opponent appearing in Stronghold Legends.


Beowulf was a legendary hero of Geatland (part of Sweden), who was a loyal servant of the Geatish king, Hrodgar. The court soon got terrorized by a hostile Grendel of Zealand. Zealand and Geatland fought a war, in which Grendel and his mother was killed.

Beowulf then became the Geatish king when he removed his usurper uncle and his armies from the way. He reigned for roughly 50 years. Beowulf eventually died when he chased a dragon to its lair and got mortally wounded by the dragon's horn.

Skirmish characterEdit

Beowulf is the most agressive player of the Evil faction. He prefers constant attacks with small armies and rushes as frequently as possible, while defending his territory lightly.

Castles and StrategiesEdit


Beowulf is the fastest AI opponent to attack. He relies heavily on his Sorcerer's tower to overrun his adversaries. Although his armies are not too numerous, he quickly builds up them and sends them after one another.

Beowulf's armies consist of hellhounds, Saxon warriors, men-at-arms and archers. These are the cheapest units possible for an evil army, yet they pack quite a punch. The siege camp produces two catapults, a cat and two siege towers, which can prove troublesome if they create a breach or the towers dock on the walls. Saxon warriors are the backbone of this army and they are a major threat if not handled correctly.

Beowulf is fond of harassment, sending out a great pack of demons to wreak some havoc. He also creates a black dragon every now and then, which he sends directly to the enemy to light up most buildings or units.


Beowulf's castle is generally lightly guarded, with some archers and men-at-arms.

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