Here are the quotes of the berserker.

Quotes in Stronghold 2

Action Quote Sound

By Odin's beard.

Groans death!

By thunder!

I smell blood!

Battle axes!

I am really for battle!

I know no fear!

Death is always close by.



Let's go!

We move.

To victory!

We will bleed!

We go to kill!

Death comes swiftly!

Where's my fight?

Valhalla's glory!

We crush the enemy.

Death to the wicked!

Invalid location How we do that?

We march!

Aggressive stance We'll kill any that come near!
Defensive stance No man will pass!
Stand ground I guard this place.
Patrolling Backwards and forwards, backwards and forwards...
Open formation

Axe, distances!

Defensive knot Middle stand!
Column formation Marching column!
Line formation Shield wall!
Filling in moat

Get that moat dug!

Fill it in!

We must get to the other side!

Manning rock basket Smash their skulls!
Manning walls Onto the castle!
Disband This is a foreign place for us!
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