Blacksmith's Workshop
General Information
Available in Stronghold
Stronghold Crusader
Usage Sword/mace production
Cost 20 wood, 200 gold


Blacksmiths supply swordsmen, macemen and knights with their weapons. They retrieve an iron ingot from the stockpile before they start moulding and pounding them into weapons.

Clicking on the workshop enables switching between sword and mace production. The change takes effect at the next production cycle.

Blacksmiths should be placed close to both the armoury and the stockpile to maximize production.

It is almost always beneficial to supply units from workshops rather than buying them from the market for a large unit price. On the contrary, while iron weapons sell marginally better on the market, they do not sell for much more than raw iron. Therefore, it is not advised to build blacksmiths purely for income.

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