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The blowpipe tribesman is a ranged unit in the upcoming Stronghold Warlords game.


Vietnamese blowpipers are cheap unarmored fighters, who can quickly deploy to the battlefield. They use their blowpipes to hail projectiles at their target from medium range. Their counterpart is the spear tribesman.

The blowpipe tribesman is recruited at the barracks.

Traits Edit

The blowpipe tribesman has very low recruitment cost, requiring only gold and no weapon at all. Consequently, one can afford a healthy group even with low gold reserves.

The tribesman blows darts with medium speed, which deals moderate damage to unarmored units and negligible damage to medium/heavy armor. Darts fly rather fast and thus they rarely miss their target.

Combined with his high speed, the blowpiper can quickly reinforce a position and en masse, he can overcome standalone units and stall the advance of enemy units. He is also suitable for harassment purposes by picking off workers and maybe even destroying buildings in outer enemy territories. He works well with the spear tribesman.

The blowpiper is a very fragile unit and stands almost no chance against projectiles or melee combatants. Although he can defend himself with a dagger, it is not sufficiently harmful to their challengers.


  • Blowpipers gain a bonus to their range when stationed on walls and towers, making them a rudimentary means of defense until more advanced units come out.
  • Use these troops to harass exposed workers or quickly reinforce vulnerable positions.
  • Focus fire individual troops to slowly whittle down enemy groups in range.
  • Blowpipers can draw enemy fire and maybe even remove traps, when running up-front enemy defenses.
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