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The blowpipe tribesman is a ranged unit in the upcoming Stronghold Warlords game.


Blowpipers are cheap unarmored fighters, who can quickly deploy to the battlefield. They use blowpipes to hail projectiles at their target from medium range.


The Vietnamese blowpiper is close to the ideal harassment unit, bolstering much required swiftness to traverse through terrain and quickly take firing positions, paired with his relatively low cost. Blowpipes can quickly take down workers and civilians. Moreover, deploying tribesmen can divert resources away from the enemy's army to create weaknesses in the frontline or elsewhere. They can also reinforce positions rather fast, serving as fodders until 'the cavalry' arrives.

Blowpipe tribesmen can also be recruited as a last means of defense, when the player is lacking resources, however they do not make the best defender in a real siege.

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