The burning cart is a siege unit in Stronghold 2Stronghold Legends and Stronghold Crusader 2.


Loaded with flammable hay bales, the cart is a destructive weapon. It is operated by two engineers, who can move the cart to a desired location very quickly. With the 'attack' command, the hay is ignited and the cart is immediately located to the target area, lighting it up. The fire also spreads into every direction to cause even greater destruction. The cart is usable again once its target is lit up. Although the cart moves very fast, it is also very vulnerable to all kinds of attacks. Five or six arrows kill it and melee attackers also slash it into pieces in no time. If the cart is shot down when the hay is burning, it disassembles and burns the area up where it died.

In Stronghold Legends, the burning cart is only available for the evil faction.


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