The campfire is the area directly in front of the Keep.


This area is an automatic assembly point for peasants. Idle peasants will move to the fire and take their time until they are assigned to a job or recruited in the army: they tell stories, jokes, express their opinions or just sit lazily. At most 24 peasants can wait at the campfire, where excess population slots are not filled. These peasants consume food and ale just like workers. It is not possible to build on the campfire area, including traps.

Guarding the areaEdit

The fire should be guarded, if not heavily. As the keep is used as a last resort for the defender, this fact makes the entrance very important to hold. Hard troops, especially Pikemen, can hold back a swarm of units with support from the keep's roof, but its position can come with disadvantages: low ground position (thus vulnerability for fire and cattle) and attacks from the corners (restricted to short/melee range). In Stronghold and Crusader, it is especially true, as fresh peasants are generated at the keep. When the enemy retains total control over the entrance, the victim's economy and industry is crippled, until the harassment is resolved.

In Stronghold 2, when a siege equipment or laddermen is recruited, the needed number of peasants will be removed from the campfire.

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