The Carter's Post is a transport building in Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends.


The carter post hosts a horse cart and a driver similar to the saw pit. It can be instructed to deliver goods from one estate to another, either for one delivery or continuously. Any types of goods except for gold and honor can be delivered, to a maximum of 50 for one cart. The carter then visits either the target estate's stockpile, granary or armoury and unload the goods.

Village estates will always build a single carter post unless there is no space for it to do so - however, most estates are usually large enough to house at least one.


Carter posts are very useful if the player has multiple estates, as in such games, a player's industry will be limited due to the amount of hovels that they can place in a match. Carter posts allow players to have an estate specialize in an industry that the player cannot do themselves (such as produce cheese, bread or even weapons, though the estate will be slightly limited as players cannot dictate what weapons they make) due to this limitation.

This also allows players to send supplies to each other as there is no instant trade in Stronghold 2, like there was in Stronghold Crusaders.

Estates should be carefully guarded, as if the estate is seized while the carter is delivering the goods, the player's units will attack the carter and kill him on sight. If the player takes an estate with a carter headed towards an enemy's castle, it is recommended to delete the post so that the goods will not get stuck there, since the carter will still try to deliver the goods to them.

Players should keep posts near the estate's borders so that the carter takes less time to deliver goods.

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