Comparison between units in Stronghold Crusader

Melee units

1. Swordman : the strongest melee unit in game, held both superior attack and defense. However, also the slowest. Swordman can be place on the tower, wall or gatehose to prevent assasins from killing your Lord, archers or capture gatehouse.

(Cost: 1 metal sword, 1 metal armor, 40g )

2. Knight: the noble warrior charge fearless into battlefield for glory and wealthy, they are great assets of any army. He has slightly weaker armor than the swordman. However, the great mobility and skillful at sword fight make knights useful in many purpose, including raiding enemy castle or rally forth to destroy enemy's siege equipment.

(Cost: 1 metal sword, 1 metal armor, a horse (stable), 40g )

3.Arabian Swordsman : the weaker version of European Swordman, slightly weaker and faster than its counterpart. The backborn of Arabian army. Through was not skillful as the European counterpart, however the number can make up for that due to easy access through gold (Cost: 80g)

4. Assassin : Deadly desert warrior with ability to move stealthly and climb wall. They can cause great casuality with thier ability. Assasin can move unnoticed by enemy to eliminate enemy's lord, capture the gatehouse or defensive structure within the castle to help your army advance with less casuality (Cost: 60g)

5. Maceman: Fast and furious, maceman is the weaker version of knight. (Cost: 1 iron mace, 1 leather armor, 20g)

6. Pikeman : Ultimate defense unit, possessing the heavy armor, however his halberd deal little damamge. Slightly weaker than Maceman ( Cost: 1 iron armor, 1 pike, 20g )

7. Monk : the blessed warrior trained himself to protect the church, can deal high damage with thier staff, however thier health is not high. Fairly good compare to the cheap price. He almost match Pikeman in 1v1 combat (Cost 10g)

8.Tunnenler: few use him to fight but he still fight better than spearman (Cost: 30g)

8. Spearman : European spearman is low rank soldier who  equip the cheapest weapon  available: a spear. Lack of training and equipment, they lose to Monk in 1v1 combat through their requirement is higher (Cost: 1 wooden spear, 8g )

9. Slave: the weakest melee unit in game, ill-equiped with just a touch and no cloth, he even weaker than peasant (hunter, woodcutter who fight back). (Cost: 5g)

Ranged unit (Fight in the ground)

1.Crossbowmen : armed with the mighty crossbow, which can shot accurately and penetrate armor. He has shorter range than archers, shot slowers, move slower but has better armor than most of them. ( 1 crossbow, 1 leather armor, 20g )

2. Arabic horseman: the warrior learned to use their shortbow while riding in thier horseback. Great harrassment to any enemy when move in great number. Even when not moving, an arabic horseman still can defeat Arabic archer on the ground. However, they cannot gain benefit from wall or tower unlike most of other missile unit(80g)

3. Arabic archer: use thier shortbow, which has higher fire rate and more healthy than European counterpart, but range is shorter. (75g)

4. Archer : equiped with a long bow, explain their great range, however their arrow cannot penetrate armor effectively. (1 long-bow, 12g )

5. Slinger: fight with sling and stone, can deal fairly good damange vs armored unit and has impressive fire rate. However, they are short ranged and can be easily outranged by other archer. (12g)

All items (40)

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