The cathedral is a religious building appearing in Stronghold Crusader.


The cathedral provides religion services through a priest. It also allows to train monks.


The cathedral is the largest and most prestigious building for religion. It employs a priest, who spreads faith among any townsfolk he encounters. Cathedrals are very expensive to site, as they take up lots of building space and gold. Also, only one priest is given with each building, making it very inefficient to cover the population for popularity bonus. However, they come with unique benefits.

Cathedrals provide a stable +2 bonus popularity, as long as at least one is built. Additionally, monks can be hired who are willing to defend their church: staff-wielding warriors who are deadly at close combat.

Multiple cathedrals will not grant additional popularity bonus.


  • Like all religious buildings, the cathedral will display brief, comical information about peasant weddings when selected.
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