Chandler's Workshop
Chandler's workshop
General Information
Available in Stronghold 2

Stronghold Legends

Usage Candle producer
Cost 10 wood

The chandler's workshop is an industry building appearing in Stronghold 2 and Stronghold Legends


The chandler produces candles from wax, which are used then at the church for masses. Wax is retrieved from beehives, which produce wax every now and then. The chandler can and will collect 6 jugs of wax in a trip, after which he returns and starts producing candles. Candles are taken to the stockpile.

Candles are consumed at a given rate just like food or ale. This rate can be adjusted at the church along with the popularity bonus it rewards.


Bees in the beehive produce wax, which are stored in pots and retrieved by the chandler. They cost 5 wood to place.


  • In Stronghold Legends, beehives are no longer required for chandler's workshops. Those workshops are only available for the good faction and ice faction, because churches can only be used by them to gain the popularity.


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