Hovel-is a house where the peasants live.The more hovels you build,the more peasants will come to the castle.If the hovels destroyed,people start to crowd and waste your popularity.

Apothecary- is a building where the healer work.The healer can remove the cloud of diseases to prevent spreading diseases around your castle.

Carter's Post-is a post where the trader settle goods and deliver it to another castle or your estates.

Chapels,Churchs and Cathedrals- are religious buildings where the priest work.Religion usually increase your popularity.Some priests can bless people and armies.

Market-is a building where you can buy and sell goods for gold.

Hops Farm-is a farm where the hop farmer work.It produce hops.Once the farmer collect,he deliver it straight to the stockpile.

Brewery-is a building where the brewer work.It produce ale from hops.Once the brewer finish making ale,she deliver it straight to the stockpile.

Inn-is a building where the innkeeper work.People enjoy drinking ale and increase your popularity.

Statue-building a statue will increase your fear factor.

Well-if there was fire around your castle,workers will put fire out.

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