The conscript is a light front line unit in Stronghold Crusader 2.


The conscript is a fast and cheap unit available at the barracks. He has low health and a very little damage output, as he only wields a blunt club, suffering against armored units. However, he has a fast movement speed and is unique, being the only Crusader unit that needs no weapons from the armoury, only gold and a free peasant. With little investment, a player can quickly accumulate a force of conscripts.


Being the unit with the lowest means of requirements and attributes, the conscript is the weakest unit at a player's disposal. What one unit cannot accomplish alone, a band of conscripts can be actually pretty disruptive and efficient at destroying outlying buildings of an unsuspecting player. Their virtually non-existent cost and fast speed makes them a potent harassment unit, as well as they can sally forth and make raids on unguarded flanks or siege equipment.

While not particularly strong, the conscripts can also serve as cannon-fodders to pin down heavier units such as swordsmen, until the main fighting force arrives and engages in direct combat. They fall short when encountering missile units however - an arrow volley or two makes short work of the advancing force.

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A Conscript

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