Action Quote Sound


My lord?


Oh yes?

Alright, alright!


Mornin', boss!

Bit early for this, ain't it?

Keep your helmet on, squire!

Nice day, your highness...

Peasanta S1
Peasanta S2
Peasanta S3
Peasanta S4
Peasanta S5
Peasanta S6
Peasanta S7
Peasanta S8
Peasanta S9
Peasanta S10

Moving again...

Great, another march.

On your feet, boys!

Can we have some horses?

Le'ss go.

Oh, a command!


Let's get walkin'!

We're going.

My feet hurt...

Peasanta M1
Peasanta M2
Peasanta M3
Peasanta M4
Peasanta M5
Peasanta M6
Peasanta M7
Peasanta M8
Peasanta M9
Peasanta M10
Invalid location

You're jokin', that's impossible!

Peasanta MC1
Marching O'er yonder?!
Peasanta ML1
Aggressive stance Yeah.
Peasanta Aggressive
Defensive stance Whatever...
Peasanta Defensive
Stand ground Stand 'ere.
Peasanta Guard
Patrolling Oh, erm... yeah, okay.
Peasanta Patrol
Open formation Stand further apart?
Peasanta Open
Column formation Wha'?
Peasanta Column
Line formation Do what?
Peasanta Line

They've got better weapons than us!

We're not gettin' paid for this, you know?

You're kiddin' us, right?

I don' like the look of this...

Peasanta ATKS1
Peasanta ATKS2
Peasanta ATKS3
Peasanta ATKS4
Attacking heavy target


Come on, boys!

Stick them forks in 'em!

It's a slaughter!

Peasanta ATKW1
Peasanta ATKW2
Peasanta ATKW3
Peasanta ATKW4
Manning walls Never been on the walls before...
Peasanta MW1
Disband About time too.
Peasanta Disband1
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