Action Quote Sound

Lift those bows, you dogs!

Jump to it!


Shoulder weapons!

Ready, sire.

To stations!

Lively does it.



Check those weapons!

Cross S1
Cross S2
Cross S3
Cross S4
Cross S5
Cross S6
Cross S7
Cross S8
Cross S9
Cross S10


Look lively.

Let's go.

Moving off.



Battle order.

Move out.

At the double.

Crossbows, forward!

Cross M1
Cross M2
Cross M3
Cross M4
Cross M5
Cross M6
Cross M7
Cross M8
Cross M9
Cross M10
Invalid location Inaccessible, sire.
Cross MC1
Marching Let's march.
Cross ML1
Aggressive stance Free targets!
Cross Aggressive
Defensive stance Holding ground!
Cross Defensive
Stand ground Keep in guard.
Cross Guard
Patrolling Patrol, noted.
Cross Patrol
Open formation

Open formation.

Cross Open
Defensive knot Defensive positions.
Cross Knot
Column formation Column formation.
Cross Column
Line formation Line formation.
Cross Line
Filling in moat

Dig the moat, sir?

Put your backs into it!

At the double, dogs!

Cross Moat12
Cross Moat22
Cross Moat32
Manning rock basket Man the rock baskets!
Cross MS1
Manning walls Man the parapets!
Cross MW1
Disband Are you sure, sire?
Cross Disband12
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