The demon is an evil fantasy unit appearing in Stronghold Legends.


Demons are small, annoying creatures that are fiery in both temper and nature. They are small and fragile, dying from a few shots or melee attacks, but they are also very agile. Moreover, they leave flames behind in their footprints for a short time, which may burn any units caught there. Demons themselves are immune to fire, making dragons, fire drakes and oil tippers useless against them.

Demons can also leap onto walls, where they can still leave flames capable of destroying siege engines and defenders. While they are fighting in melee, they produce a bigger area of flames.


Demons are very cheap to produce, making it easy to quickly collect a group of them and commanding them into enemy territory. They can be used to run over a badly defended sector of the castle and wreak havoc on their buildings, and distract the enemy from defending against the siege. Demons are also very useful at destroying undefended or slightly defended siege equipment. If you command the demons back and forth, the fire trail they create should burn the engines in no time.

Like any small creature, the demon is vulnerable to projectiles and melee attacks. Although they can fight on their own, it is advisable to circle around the enemy, trapping them in an inferno, which can whittle down their health in no time. Still, the demon can handle unarmored enemies in numbers and survive with few casualties. 


  • Demons are actually humanoid creatures. They mumble and moan just like a regular human.
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