Leave my buildings alone, you dog!
— Dietrich, when annoyed

Dietrich (also known as Dietrich von Bern) is a character and AI opponent appearing in Stronghold Legends.


"The Prince is very much the bold and carefree adventurer and his mighty battle-axe 'Blitztod' is never far from the action. His allies from the icy peaks of the Tyrol have sent a shiver down the spine of many a castle defender."


Dietrich is a mythical figure, who is usually associated with the historical Gothic ruler, Theodoric the Great. He is the protagonist and hero of many Italian and German legends, battling fictional creatures, such as dwarfs, dragons and giants. Dietrich also appears in the Nibelungenlied, as a military advisor and a good ally of Siegfried.

Castles and strategiesEdit

Dietrich builds a square-shaped castle with one gatehouse in the front. He uses all three types of towers manned by plenty of crossbowmen and men-at-arms, most of which are surrounded by moat. He has white witches patrolling the perimeter and some ice mirrors provide a close range defense against laddermen and other troops. Dietrich's economy rather relies on mass food production than raw materials.

Dietrich uses light groups to harass with a good variety of ice units. He mostly sends out polar bearswhite wolves and shield maidens to take estates, as well as white witches to terrorize workers around the keep. He may also send a frost giant to wreak havoc.

Dietrich's siege camp attacks are slow to build up, but are very numerous in terms of troop numbers. Armies consist of crossbowmen and men-at-arms. This force is very deadly in medium to close range, but vulnerable from high range. Some catapults and trebuchets are constructed by Dietrich to assist the siege.



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