Here are the quotes of Dietrich.

Action Quote Sound
Prepares for siege I'm off to bang some heads together!
Di siege 01
Sends army 1 Today we march, tomorrow we fight!
Di taunt 01
Sends army 2 Watch out, I'm coming to get you!
Di taunt 02
Launches attack 1 Sound the attack!
Di taunt 03
Launches attack 2 Bring down that castle!
Di taunt 04
Summons ice dragon Ah dragons... do you just love'em?
Di extra 01
Player's buildings are destroyed That's it boys, smash their buildings!
Di vict 02
Close to victory I win, I believe!?
Di vict 03
Defeats player Another one bites the dust!
Di vict 04
Player deflects attack Arrrrgh! We've lost! Let's go home...
Di anger 01
Player destroys buildings

Leave my buildings alone, you dog!

Di anger 02
Panicking Hold steady boys, they are coming for us!
Di nervous 01
Defeated I lose, you win, good for you.
Di plead 01
Requires help Erm... I need help!
Di help 01
Predicts defeat Looks like we're in trouble!
Di nervous 02
Kills common enemy That's one for me!
Di boast 01
Player kills common enemy Well-well, you can fight!
Di congrats 01
Falls as ally I'm dying... it's up to you now!
Di ally death 01
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