Dragon Nest
General Information
Available in Stronghold Legends
Usage Harassing map units
Cost N/A

The dragon nest is an immobile hostile structure in Stronghold Legends.


The dragon nest is a structure that is pre-placed on several multiplayer maps. It hosts a big green dragon, which can turn around very slowly. The dragon attacks most units that get very close to the nest. The nest is very durable and it takes several catapults or melee units to destroy it. When it is destroyed, the dragon is done for as well.

The dragon can blow fire in a wide arc, lighting up a huge area with fire. Buildings are not affected by the fire, but every unit, including flying ones above it, takes damage. The dragon can also bash enemies very close to the nest with its head, shoving them to a few yards away.


Dragon nests are mostly placed near narrow chokepoints, where it can maximize its efficiency. It is much an annoyance until one can take a good-sized army and destroy it. However, when placed in the open, the dragon can be bypassed very easily, since it is very slow to turn and react.


  • The lord can destroy a dragon nest himself, but this leaves him with low health left. It is better to have him mounted or its summon abilities ready so he can bring down the nest faster.
  • The map "Dragon Island" consists of a total of 12 dragon nests, with 8 guarding the stone circle in the center and 1 each guarding every bridge leading to the players' territories.
  • Despite being counted as a building, it can be targeted and destroyed by Dragon Harpoon located closely enough to it.
  • Oddly enough, it cannot be targeted by Green Dragon and Black Dragon

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