The Drawbridge is a defensive structure attached to a gatehouse.


A drawbridge is a large wooden tile that is attached to a gatehouse with chains. Underneath, a small area of moat is automatically placed. When its host gatehouse is closed, the drawbridge is pulled up and the area in front of it will hinder unit movement until the moat is filled in. A drawbridge is destroyed when it is attacked from the front by melee attacks.

Drawbridges are excellent at controlling enemy movement and buying time against infantry, since the moat in front of it has to be filled first in order to access the gate from the front. Moreover, the drawbridge/gatehouse can be manually opened to send a counter-attack. Otherwise, the drawbridge will remain opened, allowing peasants/troops to go to their destinations.


  • In Stronghold 2, the drawbridge makes a comeback as a permanent attachment to a Large Gatehouse. It can neither be destroyed, nor removed manually.


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