Duke de Montparnasse is on of The Hawk's three landholders. He is the first to fall to Matthew Steele.

Duke de Montparnasse in the campaigns[edit | edit source]

Duke de Montparnasse is the closest of the three landholders of The Hawk to Matthews castle, being almost literally right on the doorstep. He is the first of the three landholders to be beaten by Matthew Steele. He is one of only three characters to appear in the campaign only. The others are the other two landholders of The Hawk: Lord Beaufort and Sir Hugo Blanc.

In Chapter 8, Mission 1, he just sits there, building and recruiting, until the end of the first mission where you rescue Sir William. When you do that, the next mission starts and having an enemy lord like the Duke on your doorstep is awkward to say the least.

He will constantly fire upon your workers and troops with ballistae and archers until you destroy them.

The best tactic to use against him is to wipe out the ballistae and archers first and then produce some catapults. Try and weaken the enemy troops with ballistae and catapult fire. Then knock down the walls and go in for the kill.

He has a small guard that should be ignored and just go straight at the lord. Once he is defeated, the next most feasible target is Lord Beaufort.

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