Action Quote Sound

What do you want with our hammers?

I am bound to your service.

How may we little men serve you?

My bones ache...

We may be small, but we're no one's fools!

What do you want with the small folk?

We smell gold around here...

We are yours to command.

Are we gonna be digging?

We'll not be talked down to.

Dwarf s1
Dwarf s2
Dwarf s3
Dwarf s4
Dwarf s5
Dwarf s6
Dwarf s7
Dwarf s8
Dwarf s9
Dwarf s10

Where'll be the fighting?

Is it far?

Brothers, we march!

We can walk...

Off to war we go!

For the honour of the little men!

Pick up your hammers!

Ah, my legs are stiff already...

We better get going...

I feel the enemy close...

Dwarf m1
Dwarf m2
Dwarf m3
Dwarf m4
Dwarf m5
Dwarf m6
Dwarf m7
Dwarf m8
Dwarf m9
Dwarf m10
Invalid location Now just how would I be doing that?
Dwarf mc1
Marching Long way for short legs...
Dwarf ml1
New order Yes, yes!
Dwarf new order
Filling in moat

Digging! It's been so long.

Now that's more like it!

Now that's a good decision.

Dwarf moat1
Dwarf moat2
Dwarf moat3
Manning walls Those walls our ours!
Dwarf mw1

Hammers ready!

Let's get this business done.


Let's finish this.

Dwarf atkw1
Dwarf atkw2
Dwarf atkw3
Dwarf atkw4
Heavy target

They look mighty big!

Today is as good as any to die.

This will make a fine song!

Remember us!

Dwarf atks1
Dwarf atks2
Dwarf atks3
Dwarf atks4
Disband We return to the mines.
Dwarf disband1
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