I saw you with my own eyes, dabbling in the black arts! I will have you burnt at the stake for the heretic you are!
— Edwin Blackfly
Sir Edwin Blackfly
Edwin portrait
Personal Information
Real Name Edwin Blackfly
Nicknames An English Traitor
Appears on Stronghold 2/deluxe
Physical Information
Gender Male
Age Late 20s/early 30s
Strategical Information
Difficulty Easy
Melee Troops Armed Peasants


Ranged Troops Archers
Siege Engines Catapults

Sir Edwin is one of the AI Lords in Stronghold 2 appearing in both campaigns. He is cruel and extorts money from his peasants.


Edwin has short hair, shaved at the back and sides. He wears a suit of armor with a yellow cape, which matches his flag.


Edwin has a very short temper and can be very cruel and vindictive to his peasants. He extorts money from his peasants which makes him very unpopular. He is very hasty in his attacks which is why they usually fail if he is unassisted.

He often threatens his enemies if they annoy him but, unless you have rubbish defenses, he can never carry them out. He often calls the player an 'upstart'. He does this at several points in the game.

Edwin in the campaignsEdit

Path of PeaceEdit

Sir Edwin is one of three Lords dispatched by The King to rebuild and run the estates in a remote coastal region of his empire. Unfortunately, Edwin fails badly at that. Instead of caring for his lands, he mainly extorts money from the peasantry and lets his estates fall into disarray.

Even though he cheats by buying swords instead of manufacturing them, he loses the production race against the player and as an act of revenge he tries to besiege the neighboring estate of Sir Grey. After his plans are again foiled by the player, he is taken into custody by The King. At the end of the game, it is later revealed that he was forced to become a jester by the king.

Path of WarEdit

Feigning allegiance to The King, Sir Edwin gains the trust of Sir William and in a concerted effort, William and Matthew Steele rescue him from the castle of Lady Seren. Sending Steele to the Borderlands to dislodge The Bull from his castle, Edwin takes William back to the old monastery, where he delivers him to Olaf Grimtooth, who was hired by The Hawk and The Hammer to kill William and Matthew Steele. After freeing the monastery and narrowly rescuing William, Steele oversees the repair of the monastery while fighting off numerous attacks by the inept Edwin.

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Sir Edwin's castle as seen in the Path of War.

Edwin is finally defeated after Matthew Steele killed Olaf Grimtooth.

He is put in the stocks and whimpers about Seren being a witch when she reveals her true allegiance. He is later seen locked in a cage with The Hammer, suffering as children throw vegetables at him.

Castles and strategiesEdit

Edwin is by far the weakest lord in the Kingmaker games. 


He runs an average to weak economy. He mines both stone and iron and supplies his peasants with apples, meat and bread. No royal food, candles or entertainment is used by Edwin. He periodically sells wheat, bows and armor to raise gold and buys in spears in great quantities.


Edwin's castles are the simplest and worst defended ones in the game. He has a rectangular layout with individual archers sporadically placed on the walls with a small gatehouse. No towers, traps or defense engines are used, therefore the entire castle is vulnerable. Some spearmen guard the entrance in front of the keep.

He often patrols his land with armed peasants and spearmen to take apart any lone siege equipment or single troops. Even though he builds a mercenary post, he never uses it so you don't have to worry about this. He keeps several spearmen inside his castle to defend it but his lack of heavy troops is his weakness.


Edwin uses cheap troops in vast numbers to contain his enemies. He recruits and builds armies of spearmen occasionally with some catapults to level hostile buildings and troops. These armies are built fairly quickly, making Edwin a very dangerous lord in the beginning of the game.

Edwin's sieges are considerably larger, but not very different from his raiding groups. He uses a large group of armed peasants with a small team of archers and sometimes a handful of swordsmen. From the siege camp several catapults and many laddermen march to the walls, hoping to break through the defense lines.

How to deal withEdit


To defend against Edwin, it is vital that you quickly set up some walls to stop him pillaging your buildings from the start. He sends attack forces rather quickly but these are mostly for harassment. As stone comes in, build square towers with mangonels and/or ballistae and start amassing archers and/or crossbowmen in them. You should also station some troops near the wall in case he does break through, but against a well-built defense he shouldn't be able to.

By the time his full wrath comes, you should have an ample defense (Note: if you build mangonels, don't forget you have to set them firing manually). Just watch as you archers and defense engines shatter Edwin's attacks like they are made of glass. Optionally, you could have a small troop of hobilars behind a sally port that can charge out and take down siege equipment. If you do this, be sure to eliminate all of his archers first!


Edwin can be beaten with a relatively small army. You should take around 30 horse archers, 2-4 knights (mounted), 20-30 spearmen and a few macemen or pikemen to siege Edwin.

Take your horse archers and let them eliminate the waves of armed peasants and spearmen that Edwin will throw at them. Use your spearmen to defend the horse archers. When that is done, build a siege camp and build some catapults and knock down his walls. Charge in and kill any remaining defenders, dismount your knights and send them to finish of Edwin for you.


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