Here are the quotes of Edwin Blackfly.

Action Quote Sound
Prepares for siege Dearest ally, I'm about to launch my attack. Care to join me?
Se siege 01
Taunt 1 I've seen you, saw you with my own eyes, dabbling with the black arts! I will have you burnt at the stake for the heretic you are!
Se taunt 01
Taunt 2 Surrender or die, whelp! Your lord and master approaches!
Se taunt 02
Taunt 3 You impudent fritle! Let's see how you deal with this!
Se taunt 03
Taunt 4 Just so we are clear everybody, kill them, kill them all! I want none left alive, not a peasant, not a lord, not a fly, not one... kill them dead... all of them... dead...
Se taunt 04
Gains estate Excellent! More land means more gold!
Se gain estate 01
Player's buildings are destroyed You're losing your grip, upstart!
Se vict 02
Defeats player Victory, hahahahah! You didn't think you could win, did you?
Se vict 04
Loses estate 1 Wait, wait, wait... but... that's my estate! What do you think you're doing?
Se lose estate 01
Loses estate 2 Get out of my estate, you thief!
Se lose estate 02
Player deflects attack You are really beginning to annoy me!
Se anger 01
Defeated No, no-no-no-no! Don't kill me, please don't kill me... I surrender, I surrender!!! (sobs)
Se plead 01
Kills common enemy And where were you, when I was doing all the fighting? Cowering in your keep, I suppose?
Se boast 01
Falls as ally Coward! Why didn't you help me?
Se ally death 01
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