Eel Pond
General Information
Available in Stronghold 2
Usage Royal food producer
Cost 10 wood

100 gold

The Eel Pond is a royal food producer in Stronghold 2.


The Eel Pond supplies the Lord's Kitchen with eel and geese. The fisherman looks after eel which grow in the pond, but geese are also bred, which swim around or just walk around. The fisher periodically retrieves eel or clobbers geese and takes them to the kitchen. They are served then at the keep for feasts.

Eel Ponds are expensive to build and need a considerably large area to site (they also cannot be rotated), but they provide you two types of royal food in return.

Because they produce multiple types of royal food, the player will need to place at least three (two, if positioned closely to the Lord's Kitchen) Eel Ponds in order to support a full feast.

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