Below found Emperor Frederick's detailed strategies in Stronghold Crusader.


Frederick has a considerably powerful economy based on mass stone and iron production. He produces apples and cheese for food and ale for supplying popularity. He also has some chapels to spread religion. He uses high tax rates to gain money. He does not buy weapons however and thus he is slow at recruiting units. However on the other hand, not buying in expensive weapons means he rarely runs out of gold, and so sieging him can be difficult as he is usually constantly rebuilding walls and towers that are knocked down.


Frederick, much like the Wolf, is slow at collecting enough troops for sieges. He is much more focused on harassment, however. He hosts several stables for knights to raid enemy areas. They target mostly quarries and irons, but they also love demolishing farms. He also rolls up to two catapults to do the same if he can afford that.

When he attacks, he will send a good-sized army consisting of lots of swordsmen accompanied by a few crossbowmen and archers with a good number of engineers. Upon deployment, he constructs several catapults and trebuchets and starts pounding the target's castle.

If he is playing on a map with no oasis space, Frederick will not create crossbowmen as he does not buy in leather armour. He will still attack his enemies, but will leave out the crossbowmen, using archers, engineers and swordsmen only.


Simple, but well-defended castles describe Frederick's fortifications. They are triangular in shape, hosting numerous defense turrets and square towers filled with crossbowmen, archers and mangonels, sealing off the main buildings with crenulated walls. He also has several trebuchets deployed around his castle ready to demolish any enemy buildings, including siege tents. Lastly, an unseen threat comes from single killing pits in various areas. A moat also surrounds the castle, which are dug by archers.

When under attack, Frederick sends a small band of archers and swordsmen to contain the problem. He may also build up small forces of archers and crossbowmen to patrol, if left unharmed.

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