Engineer's Guild
General Information
Available in Stronghold 2
Usage Engineer/ladderman recruitment
Cost 10 wood

100 gold


The Guild is used and allows to recruit engineers and laddermen. New units automatically wander to their assembly point upon conscription. Engineers recruited here can repair damaged wall segments or use the oil smelter to carry oil pots. They also man siege equipment, but they spawn instantly when an engine is built. Most siege engines can be constructed at a siege camp for gold, but catapults and fire ballistae are also available at the guild. Siege equipment can only be disbanded: the engineers coming with them cannot be decommissioned. They will immediately go to the stockpile and take a stone block when there are any harm to walls.

Engineers are automatically recruited when using an oil smelter, up to four at a time (one supplying the smelter with pitch and three other to defend). The game deducts gold with each engineer assigned to the smelter.

Laddermen can be hired from both the siege camp and the engineer's guild. They can retrieve another ladder from these buildings when placed their former one.


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