The Guild is used and allows to recruit engineers and laddermen. New units automatically wander to their assembly point upon conscription. Engineers can be assigned to construct and operate siege and tower engines, or to use the oil smelter to carry oil pots.

Siege engines can be constructed on the field for gold in the form of a tent and engineers will try to man them if enough manpower is supplied. When unmanning a tower engine, engineers automatically go back to their assembly points.

A smelter will supply an engineer with oil if one is already carrying and loading the cauldron with pitch. When they unload their pots, they run back to the smelter to refill it.


For the quotes of the engineer, see: Engineer/Quotes.


  • In Stronghold and Crusader when engineers are not active, they will pull out logs and sit on them. They read what is presumed to be blueprints.
  • Engineers speak with a Scottish accent.
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