Action Quote Sound
Ready / selected Your grace.
Engineer s2

How can we help?

You need something built?

What needs doing?

Our tools are ready.

Set us a task.

Engineer s1
Engineer s3
Engineer s4
Engineer s5
Engineer s6

Moving to site.

Location noted.

Setting up now.

Engineer M1
Engineer M2
Engineer M3
Moving with oil

God, this pot's hot...

This pot's giving me blisters! *blows*

The fumes from this pot are terrible!

Careful with this thing...

Engineer Pouroil1
Engineer Pouroil7
Engineer Pouroil8
Engineer Pouroil9
Invalid location An impossible location.
Engineer M4
Marching That's a fair distance.
Engineer M5
Building siege engine Constructing siege equipment.
Engineer Build1
Manning siege engine Manning siege equipment.
Engineer Manequip1
Leaving siege engine Exiting siege equipment.
Engineer Exit1
Moving (catapult) Moving catapult.
Engineer MCatplt
Moving (battering ram) Moving ram.
Engineer Mram
Moving (portable shield) Shield resiting.
Engineer Mshield
Moving (siege tower) Moving tower.
Engineer Mtower
Attack (catapult) Preparing...
Engineer catplt1
Attack (battering ram) We'll have it down.
Engineer Ram1
Attack (ballista) Winding her up...
Engineer Balis1
Attack (mangonel) Finding range...
Engineer Mang1
Attack (trebuchet) Calculating...
Engineer Treb1
Heavy target

Is that wise?

You first.

I'm not afraid to die.

They look mean, my lord!

We'll try our best.

Engineer ATKS1
Engineer ATKS2
Engineer ATKS3
Engineer ATKS4
Engineer ATKW1
Launching cow

Preparing carcass.

Here comes the cow.

Hope they like beef!

What a stench!

Get that thing launched!

Here comes Bessy!

Engineer Launchcow1
Engineer Launchcow2
Engineer Launchcow3
Engineer Launchcow4
Engineer Launchcow5
Engineer Launchcow6
Manning oil smelter

Reporting for oil duty!

Manning smelter.

Engineer Manoil1
Engineer Mansmelter1
Pouring oil

Oil away!

Burn them, burn them!

Let 'em burn!

Try some of this!

Watch them sizzle!

Engineer Pouroil2
Engineer Pouroil3
Engineer Pouroil4
Engineer Pouroil5
Engineer Pouroil6
Digging moat

The moat, men!

Digging party, ready!

Do you know the depth?

Engineer Moat1
Engineer Moat2
Engineer Moat3
Disband De-commissioning.
Engineer Disband1

Action Quote Sound

How can we help?

Engineers at your service.

You need something?

What's the plan?

Our tools are ready.

At your disposal.

Set us a task.

Your grace?

Eager to work.


Engineer S1
Engineer S2
Engineer S3
Engineer S4
Engineer S5
Engineer S6
Engineer S7
Engineer S8
Engineer S9
Engineer S10

Moving to site.

Location noted.

Setting off now.

Walking off.

Heading out.


Engineer detachment heading out.

Yes, sir.

According to plan.

Heading off.

Engineer M12
Engineer M22
Engineer M32
Engineer M42
Engineer M52
Engineer M6
Engineer M7
Engineer M8
Engineer M9
Engineer M10
Invalid location Now that's impossible.
Engineer MC1
Marching That's a long walk, and no mistake!
Engineer ML1
Aggressive stance You are in charge...
Engineer Aggressive
Defensive stance Aye, if you say so...
Engineer Defensive
Stand ground We'll stay here then.
Engineer Guard
Patrolling If you don't mind me saying, this is a waste of our time!
Engineer Patrol
Open formation

Watch for missiles!

Engineer Open
Defensive knot Engineers, to the center!
Engineer Knot
Column formation If you say so...
Engineer Column
Line formation Why do you want us to line up?
Engineer Line
Launching cow

Preparing carcass.

Here comes the cow! Mooooooo! (laughs)

This is putting me off my dinner.

What a stench!

Get that thing launched!

Here comes Bessy!

Hope they like beef!

Let loose the cow!

Oh, look! A flying cow!

And the cow flew over the Moon!

Have a look at my "cowtapult"! (laughs)

Engineer Launchcow12
Engineer Launchcow22
Engineer Launchcow32
Engineer Launchcow42
Engineer Launchcow52
Engineer Launchcow62
Engineer Launchcow7
Engineer Launchcow8
Engineer Launchcow9
Engineer Launchcow10
Engineer Launchcow11
Filling in moat

The moat, men!

Digging party ready.

Do you know the depth?

Engineer Moat1
Engineer Moat22
Engineer Moat32
Manning rock basket Man the rock baskets!
Engineer MS1
Manning walls Climb the walls!
Engineer MW1
Disband Decommissioning.
Engineer Disband12

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