Evil is one of the factions and the story paths in Stronghold Legends.


The evil faction represents the cruel rulers of the Middle Age, who were often thought to be collaborating with the devils and hell. Thew were feared so much, that rumour said they might even wield magical powers.

Two characters of Evil appear in the game:

  • Vlad Tepes, the Transsylvanian ruler from the 15th century, who was infamous and legendary of his cruelty.
  • Mordred, the challenger and traitor of King Arthur in British mythology.

Evil has its own storyline in the Legends campaign, where the player controls Vlad and his minions to take revenge on his enemies. It is considered to be the most difficult out of the three trails.


The evil empire perfectly shows how cruel and eerie it is: the ground is black, heads in stakes and graves can be seen everywhere, hordes of bats fly around the place and trees lack their leaves. The circumstances of life are so hard that only few plants or animals could survive.

Evil architecture is very simple, based almost completely on wood usage. The keep, towers and other buildings are mostly built of the toughest and finest wood, making them more durable than most wooden buildings. Even walls are fortified with wooden spikes, which can hold back the strongest enemies.


Evil is a strong and versatile faction in skirmish. Like the Ice faction, it has access to its own selection of fantasy units and engines in both the Sorcerer's Tower and the Siege Camp. Evil likes to use fire in its arsenal.

The evil units are brutal, strong and fast. They pack quite a punch and use nasty tactics to torture and kill their enemies. Werewolves, Saxon warriors, hellhounds and demons are really fast and damaging in numbers, but there is the flying bat, which can dive in and crash into the ground, creating a huge explosion that sends units to fly.

Evil also uses magical powers to distract its enemies even more. Vampiric creepers have the ability to convert weaker units to their side, while the mighty Sorcerer can cast fire on any enemy and bring down a meteor storm at any time.

In sieges, the long-ranged sniping unit, the stake hurler and the modified catapult, the werewolf launcher helps the evil side.

The ultimate evil unit, the black dragon is costly, but when it is brought to the battlefield, it can prove devastating by setting huge areas on fire.

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